• Economic Development

    To be a catalyst for and facilitate a countywide effort to advance the economic well-being of Tolland County through the retention and reinforcement of existing businesses, the recruitment of new business, legislative advocacy and by fostering strong business relationships and networks.

  • Chris Wardrop
    Eco Dev Chair

    USI Insurance Services LLC

    Lisa Houlihan
    Town of Ellington

    Eric Trott
    Town of Coventry

    Shaun Gately
    Town of Vernon

    Elaine Buchardt
    Town of Andover

  • Dory Famiglietti
    Kahan, Kerensky & Capossela

    Milton Hathaway
    Town of Bolton

    Cynthia vanZelm
    Town of Mansfield

    Bonnie Kumiega
    Updike, Kelly & Spellacy

    Heidi Samokar
    Town of Tolland

    Daisy Paulhus
    Berkshire Bank