• Smart Badges for Employers

    Offer Valid: 02/14/2020 - 03/30/2021
    ID Cards for Employees
    When Employers need to identify their employees onsite at a school, medical facility, construction job-site, etc BestHire will complete your background check with a Smart ID Badge. BestHire offers employers a Smart ID Badge for identifying your employees when called out to work. This badge displays the last name, validity, and expiration of the badge. Photos can be added with ease. A QR Code allows instant status lookup by a principal, a client or even a homeowner while your crew is on-site working. The lanyard is included for protection.
            BestHire provides this service to our clients at no extra cost to the employer. A smart badge can be turned off at any given time if or when an employee terminates. 

    www.BestHire.com  Feb 2020

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