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    Our Mission - To provide a quality landscape project and a greener, healthier lawn through our organic based lawn care program.

    Key Benefits - Lawn Science uses custom grass seed mixes and can expertly “over-seed” your existing lawn which improves resistance to drought and insects.

    We will professionally apply high quality fertilizer or natural organic based lawn food.

    Soil conditioners – we utilize the most modern and effective methods available to condition your soil.

    We will control crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds.
    We are NOT a large firm or a chain of firms or a franchise.

    Our reputation depends solely on the satisfaction of our customers.

    We are fully licensed by the state of Connecticut
    as a home improvement contractor #567096
    Our EPA is B1203
    Our nursery permit is #155


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    Rep/Contact Info

    Steven Bousquet
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